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I have a couple of Halloween themed podcasts at EternalNightmares.com. Be sure to join me there. Happy Halloween!


Time for a dose of Halloween

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Winter has had us locked down within its icy grasp pretty hard this year. Today marks the thaw of the 2011 Ice Age in my area and with the thaw comes thoughts of Halloween. I don’t know why, it just does. I dug deep into the dusty corners of my mausoleum and found one of my old podcasts. This was from Halloween 2006. It’s a bunch of Halloween, horror, and other fun tunes and sound effects aimed to help you make it through another day while you wait for the season to return. Hope you find it as useful as I did.

Octover 2006 Gravecast #10 – Halloween Night MP3: 139 Mb


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Holy crap. I don’t know why but the sound quality of my #3 file was BAD. I didn’t notice it until tonight so I remixed it and have placed a new, louder and cleaner version. Sorry folks. If you find other problems, PLEASE tell me.
Treat 03: New version: Funeral

Just Because

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Ever have one of those days? One of those weeks? Holy crap on a popsicle stick, this has been one of those weeks! It seems as if the forces of nature and man have conspired against me just as my season is starting.

This isn’t the first time. Life comes in cycles and in the past, a good dose of music can help make a day tolerable enough so that you don’t go totally off the deep end.
For almost 5 years, I created mixes of music with a Halloweenish theme and place them on Gravecast.com. I quit doing that a while back but once in a while, I need a good dose of Halloween energy to make the day a little less bright. I need a little darkness to make everything better. Here is a mix I did a few weeks ago that I had set aside for just such a day as today. I had no idea I would need it this soon. The file is pretty large and I don’t have a list of artists or songs. It is just 2 hours of music I am using to save my sanity… just because.

Gravecast – Just Because

The End

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We come to the end of my original 30 sounds. One thing I think I have learned is that, while people like free stuff, they don’t want to bother coming back every day for 30 days to get them. It was a fun idea and I had a blast doing it. So here are the last of the sounds. If I have future sound files to give out, I will make life simple for one and all and simply post them.
For those who joined the rss feed on Gravecast.com, I plan to upload a few of the old LPs that I have collected over my 40 plus years of being a Halloween fanatic. These will NOT be on listed on my blog or gravecast, these will simply be bonus treats for the rss feed.
Thank you everyone for your feedback. I hope you have a fun season and I want to be one of the first to say Happy Halloween.
p.s. I still have a couple of sound ideas and am trying to find someone with a good voice for the whisper effects that were asked for a while back so pop in once in a while and please let other people know where they can get some free audio goodies. Thanks! – Morbius

Treat #01 – The Asylum

A prison, a mad house, a hostel, an Asylum. Enjoy the screams of the tormented as they face their final days in torturous nightmares.
Treat 01: The Asylum

Treat #02 – Ghosts

I am sorry but you simply CANNOT have a Halloween collection without some ghosts. You have to cover the basics. Most of the time you hear high pitched people yelling “Wooo” so I tried to make mine just a hair darker.
Treat 02: Ghosts

Treat #03 – Funeral

I noticed that with all of the Halloween related sound effects out there, not many do scenes of a funeral. Seemed like a natural to me.
Treat 03: Funeral

Treat #04 – Monster Baby

Watching the behind the scenes for the movie GHOST, I heard that the really cool sounds used for the creatures from the darkness were actually sounds of a baby crying. I had to try it myself. I would love to take this sound deep into the woods and let some unsuspecting campers think that bigfoot was close to their camp.
Treat 04: Monster Baby

Treat #05 – Below

The dim flashlight cuts into the darkness that surrounds you. The cave seemed like a fun idea this afternoon but now it is getting late and you think you might have made a wrong turn. The exit has to be here close by but every turn seems to take farther down below.
Treat 05: Below

Hells Gates

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Here are a couple of happy little sounds filled with the screams of lost souls forever tormented to an existence of pain.

No, this isn’t a recording from (insert boy band of choice), it is my audio version of Hell. Both are the same except Hells Gates uses more flame… for those of you who like your victimes well done.

 Just the sound you need for those Satanic scenes or Hell Mouths out there.

Treat 06: Hells Gates
Treat 07: Purgatory

Sounds 9 and 8: Werewolf

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I needed some sounds for a werewolf themed haunt. Their haunt is very original. It is a 1 night event, out in the woods, where you have to run a savenger hunt in the dark. They have werewolf sounds echoing through the woods and all sorts of evil creatures hiding all around to add some fun scares. These sounds were dog sounds and puppy sounds that I changed to make them part of the supernatural.

Treat 09: The Hound

Treat 08: Lone Wolf