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Something has changed…

Posted in Halloween, Mindless Madness on November 9, 2009 by morbiusjkromwell

Things have changed.
The sun stays hidden behind the clouds as the cold winds steal the warmth from body and soul. We huddle in front of the comforting glow of our televisions and computer screens. The thought of Winter nights loom just around the corner.
Soon we will see Christmas light all around and everyone will be filled with thoughts of the holiday season. Joy to the world. Happy new year.
The echoes from the season of screams have faded into memories and we close our eyes at night in the comfort of our warm, quiet homes. We no longer fear the dark corners. We no longer strain to hear the whispers of the night. All thoughts of ghosts and ghouls drift away and we get caught up in our busy schedules. Always so busy. How soon we forget.
Once October is gone, very few think to take a closer look into the shadows. Maybe deep down we don’t want to remember. Perhaps we don’t want to know because, if we look, we just might find something waiting there on those cold nights, waiting just beyond our vision, just out of reach…watching our every move. The shadows may not be as empty as we imagine. The face of Halloween is hidden. Halloween’s true self lies behind a mask of innocence. It might be staring at you from eyes of a child or watching you from the shadows of your room. It can be anywhere.
We feel secure knowing that everything is packed away in boxes. Everything is stashed into the basement or shoved into the attic. You know what they say, “Out of sight, out of mind”. You fool! Halloween is more than plastic pumpkins and bags of candy. Halloween can’t be boxed up and packed away. Halloween has changed. Halloween has taken on a life all its own.
Ignore the calendar. Halloween is right there on the edge of the dark, waiting to return. Don’t drop your guard! I warn you now to keep a watchful eye on those corners. Keep your ears open to the silent whispers. Halloween is looking for the right moment. I can feel it. I can hear it.
Think about it! The perfect time for the fear to return is when you least expect it!
The time will soon come when something will step out of one of those unwatched corners. The time will come when Halloween will no longer remain confined to the month of October. When the time comes and you are caught unaware… you will live just long enough to learn that it is too late.
Sure, it might sound crazy now, but you have been warned! Don’t just read this and then go on with your “normal life”. Take heed. Pay attention when those little hairs rise on the back of your neck. It might your only chance. I know what I am talking about. Trust me, I know.
This might be the year. Maybe next year, or the one after that. No one knows. NO ONE knows. Turn on the lights. Listen to the silence. I know I am.
Something has changed, my friend, and I don’t want you to be caught unaware. The boundaries we thought could never be broken are gone. The comfort we feel is an illusion. Halloween NEVER ends… it waits… and the wait is almost over.



Posted in Halloween on November 1, 2009 by morbiusjkromwell

What a month October has been. As always, I try to cram 4 months of stuff into 31 days and I wonder why it goes by so fast.
Last year, on October 30th, My wife and I were sitting, handing out candy to the ghouls as they trick ot treated. The night was coming to a close and we heard a noise, it was a small gray kitten. We both love animals but don’t own one. This kitten was SO friendly, it was a purring machine. It was so tiny and cute, of course I wanted to keep it but we didn’t. We did feed it but by next morning, it was gone. Never to be seen again. Goodbye little halloween kitten. It was a nice visit.
Jump now to this year, October 30th 2009. The night is almost gone, the kids have come and gone, and we once again hear a noise in the darkness. A little kitten walks up to us and joins us. This time, it is a little black kitten.
How odd. What are the odds that this would happen on October 30th at about the same time 2 years running. I took this as a sign. We have made this little black cat our own and I have named him Sam… after Samhain. Thank you for the gift Halloween.