What a month October has been. As always, I try to cram 4 months of stuff into 31 days and I wonder why it goes by so fast.
Last year, on October 30th, My wife and I were sitting, handing out candy to the ghouls as they trick ot treated. The night was coming to a close and we heard a noise, it was a small gray kitten. We both love animals but don’t own one. This kitten was SO friendly, it was a purring machine. It was so tiny and cute, of course I wanted to keep it but we didn’t. We did feed it but by next morning, it was gone. Never to be seen again. Goodbye little halloween kitten. It was a nice visit.
Jump now to this year, October 30th 2009. The night is almost gone, the kids have come and gone, and we once again hear a noise in the darkness. A little kitten walks up to us and joins us. This time, it is a little black kitten.
How odd. What are the odds that this would happen on October 30th at about the same time 2 years running. I took this as a sign. We have made this little black cat our own and I have named him Sam… after Samhain. Thank you for the gift Halloween.


One Response to “November?”

  1. I’m glad you’ve given Sam a new home 🙂

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