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Topless in Public!

Posted in Halloween on May 5, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

That title should get a few bots hitting the site.
Well, today was my final class until fall. I can now start working on more sound effects for my September push. I have been looking at a few photos from the past year or so and thought, by golly; why not toss a few of these on the ol’ blog. Just so you know I wasn’t being a tease, Topless in Public is indeed the theme.
While at HorrorHound 2010 in Indianapolis, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Brooke Lewis. She is an actress and works mostly in horror. I must admit, I have not seen any of her films. I had hoped to buy some at the con but she didn’t have any to sell. I have had the pleasure of seeing her as Ms. Vampy both in person and on YouTube and I have to say, she makes a very cute vampire. I love her Brooklyn accent when she is in full vampire mode.
We had the pleasure of doing a couple of interviews for Rotting Flesh Radio and for Slice ofScifi. First up, we asked Mr. Richard Lynch. My first memory of Mr. Lynch is from the original Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980. There is a gem for ya. We did a quick interview with him for Slice of  Scifi. I think he fell in love with Brooke. He was hitting on her in a very playful way. I guess he thinks like me. I have a soft spot for hot lady vampires. Well… not soft. I mean, you know… oh hell, forget it.

Next, we tried to do an interview with Tom Savini. Now let me tell you something here and now. I have been going to HorrorHound for several years. Each time, I have asked for interviews from many, many stars. Each and every year, I have tried to interview Tom and each year, he shrugged me off like dandruff. This year, I took Brooke with me to ask for an interview.

He was happy to do it! Tom, you sly old dog. Speaking as a male, I can’t really blame you.

The interview started quite normal. Tom stood up and the conversation started. Pretty normal stuff. Then, all of a sudden, while Tom is talking away he started to unbutton his shirt. Little by little he goes down. Button by button his shirt comes undone and starts showing Brooke his body art. Maybe he thought she would follow suit. I am not really sure. Either way, it made a very interesting interview. Brooke must be used to this sort of thing because she took it in stride and had fun with it. I think Tom left soon after for a nice cold shower.

Oh, I am sorry guys. This isn’t what you thought it was going to be, is it? Were you looking for some hot topless babe all decked out in Halloween garb. Well fear not gents. I gotcha covered!

Oh yes. Live it up guys, live it up. You’re welcome.