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20 and 19: Graveyard Noise

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In my front yard graveyard, I tried having random noises last year. Sounds of people digging graves, people walking, leaves and bushes moving. I had the sounds spaced out and very subtle like you would have in a real graveyard. Trouble was, most people missed them. This year, they will be louder and almost constant.

Subtle works pretty good in a haunt but most Trick or Treaters don’t stand there for 30 seconds just listening for sounds. They are on a mission to grab all of the treats the night can offer. This season, I want to make sure they hear my hidden monsters walking around the graves. There are two versions here. One with just sounds and another with added random yelling to help draw their attention. My plan for MY yard this year will be to combine these sounds with my #20 Gravetalk file. I look forward to seeing how many people notice.

Graveyard Noise

Graveyard Noise with Voices


Treat #21 – Shocking

Posted in Countdown Treats on August 27, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

This was looped and used at haunt in my home town called Shadow Asylum. They had a pitch black maze as part of their haunt and they wanted some noise to add to the confusion. The best part about the maze was that several walls had electrical shock pads on them. While people were feeling their way through, a few of them would get zapped. Nine times out of ten, the person in the front would get several good shocks and everyone else would get the laughs. Oh the fun of low level torture!


Treat #22 – Gravetalk

Posted in Countdown Treats on August 26, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

If you have been listening to all of my sounds so far, you might have noticed there is a something of a variety in this collection. This sound is for my own yard haunt this year. I will have a couple of speakers hidden behind some of my tombstones near the entrance. For my haunt, I plan to space the comments out to about 3 per minute. With almost 40 different sayings, that will mean that someone can be in the graveyard for over 10 minutes and not hear the same thing twice. I will have some quiet sound effects mixed in for my graveyard but this is just the voice part for those of you who might find them useful. This is also just one big file with brief quiet time between sayings. I know that not everyone has the ability to mix and edit sound files. Some of the programs can cost a bundle but there is a pretty good free program you can use to do this called Audacity. You can download Audacity from this website:

If anyone would like for me to cut these ┬áinto single files, I could do that as well. Even if you don’t use these files, maybe the sayings will spark an idea for your own haunted graveyard. Enjoy.


Treat #23 – The Boiler Room

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Need some background noise for Freddy’s hangout? Do you have a Steam Punk area that could use some non-descript industrial noise? Give this a try.
The original sound was a train passing by. Once you slow it down and echo it up, you have a pretty good background sound.

the Boiler Room

Treat #24 – Full Moon

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Darkness gives way as a lunar glow is cast down upon the open landscape. You begin to feel the fever as your eyes are drawn upward into the star filled sky. Your eyes lock upon the brightness of the moon. The light causes intense pain in your eyes, yet you cannot look away. The pain spreads into every part of your very soul. The pain consumes you. Your body begins to shake as the transformation begins. Your humanity burns away as the beast takes over. All rational thoughts leave you. Everything that made you human is gone.
After the pain has ended, you rise onto your powerful hind legs and once again look up at the sky. The only thought that consumes your animalistic mind is your thirst for the hunt. The full moon calls.
Full Moon

Treat #25 – Electronic Voice Phenomena

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Remember those old Halloween LPs you used to get with sound effects and ghost stories? Some of you might and some of you might be too young to remember. I used to sit in my dark bedroom and play those things all the time. They are one of the main reasons I got into Halloween sound effects in the first place. Many of the stories were cheesy, some were silly, and some would send a chill up and down my spine. I loved them all.
Much like the zombie sound I gave you earlier, this one is a tribute to those fun times. Here is a brief little audio story I call EVP.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Treat #27 and 26 – Crime Scene Investigation

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City version and Rural version.
Draw a chalk outline, toss around some blood, and add one of these sounds for that warm and cozy Murder Scene feel. Background noise, police radios, people coming and going… One theme, two versions.

Crime Scene Soundscape – Rural Location
Crime Scene Soundscape – City Location