Treats from the Grave: A Halloween sound countdown.

Wow, I am just a blogging fool. I LOVE using twitter to micro-blog but I really have a lot to learn when it comes to a real blog. Oh well.
While I have not been the best at blogging, I HAVE been sitting in my black mausoleum working the nights away at making some new sound effects. My evil plan to help jump start Halloween is coming along. Here is my plan. I have been making some new sound effects for this Halloween season. I plan to post these effects on my free sound page on I hope to have a new sound for each day in September. Yes, I said September. Most people countdown their Halloween goodies in October. I can understand the reason but think about it for a moment. Most haunts start at the end of September. Most home haunters have their ideas all set. My goal is to post my treats all September long so that you will have them well ahead of the season and can use them to your dead little hearts content. Once you, my digital trick or treaters, collect your audio goodies, you are then free to use them as you see fit. I hope to post comments here in my blog to explain in more detail how the sounds came about. I will be using both an RSS feed to send out the sounds and will also post them on My feed is live and who knows, I might send out a little bonus treat now and then. Here is the feed. Happy Halloween my creepy little friends. I hope you enjoy the season.


One Response to “Treats from the Grave: A Halloween sound countdown.”

  1. A grand idea. Can’t wait to see what ghoulish goodies you post.

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