Treat Countdown: 30

I know there is no way I could post something 30 days straight and not miss a day. To be honest, that really isn’t my goal here. My goal is to simply provide you with 30 free sounds before Halloween. So what the heck, lets start now, shall we? Here we go…

Hard to believe it has only been 4 months since the nightmare started. Seems like it has been years. I never thought it could really happen. I never thought it could happen so fast.
I think I have everything I need. I shouldn’t have to make any more trips outside for a few months. I like it out here in the woods. Out here, their numbers are manageable. The cities have too many of the things crawling around. Besides, the few people that are left alive are worse than the damn zombies. At least the monsters have an excuse.
Like those cheap ass movie zombies, the creatures are drawn by sound. Good thing is, if you stay quiet for a moment or two, they soon forget what they heard and move on. It’s the fresh zombies you have to watch out for. The newbies are fast, strong as hell, and will hunt you for hours. I noticed that the older ones are slowing down. Maybe they will degenerate enough that they will die out after a good winter or at least slow down enough to make moving around safer. Who knows. Just have to wait and see.
The snow will be here soon and that should really slow them down. My last trip in town, I found enough lumber and ammo to make this cabin a fortress. Once I finish getting things secure, then maybe I can actually get some sleep. I miss sleep. Who knows, I might have time to read a book or something. It will be nice to be bored for a change. Oh well. Time to get busy. I want to get the rest of these boards nailed up tonight…


3 Responses to “Treat Countdown: 30”

  1. Kewl. Snagged it, and thanks for posting these goodies.

  2. Sound scarry! Uh…uh…

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