Treat #29 – Experimental Sound#1 – The Harmonica

This is the first in my Experimental Sound Series. I wanted to take one sound and transform it into something that could be used in a Haunt environment. Each of my Experimental Sounds will be one sound mixed to death. Experiment # 1 was simply a few notes played on a harmonica. After I killed this sound and ripped its flesh from its bones, I then zapped it with my computer to give it new life.
I could see this odd sound being used in a dark hallway, background noise for a lab or any place else you see fit to use it. Use those dark imaginations. Comments would be most welcome.

Experimental Sound #1 – Harmonica


2 Responses to “Treat #29 – Experimental Sound#1 – The Harmonica”

  1. These are great! Thanks! I have a cozy little graveyard here every year. The theme varies but the initial entrance through the gates stays the same… quiet, creepy… leaving this initial scare up to the individual’s imagination. I’m still looking for the right sound effect, here. Whispering spirits, maybe a faint shuffling sound of someone in the bushes near by…
    In real life, if I were to walk through an old cemetery at night, I would not hear a creepy musical background. I’m looking for something closer to what you might actually expect to hear! If such an audio exists, point me to it! Thanx and Happy Haunting!! **DeCaye**

    • Funny you should say that. You are the second person who I know has asked for a more realistic grave yard mix without music and I have been working on two of them for the give-away. On my site, I already have a swampy graveyard mix that I did for a local haunt. (I turn my front yard into a graveyard every Halloween as well!)
      I should HOPE to have them done this weekend (if things go as planned) and will post them once they are ready. I plan to have a more traditional graveyard mix with spirits and odd sounds and then a more realistic version with wind, leaves crunching, and other creepy sounds you might here in a graveyard on a dark night. Thanks for the comment!

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