A couple of people have made a comment on my sanity. While I make no claims of having or not having any sanity, I do want to explain why I am doing the sound give-away.
A lot of people create sound effects. This day and age, the ability to make them has never been easier. I have been doing this stuff my whole life. I started collecting old sound effects LPs back in the late 1960’s. (Yes, I am old.) Through my life, I have used cassette tapes by the hundreds, I had an old reel to reel, and I have been collecting, mixing, and making sound files on my computer since I first got online back in 1984. I have TONS of sound effects and my favorite sounds of all time are Halloween related. A few people have questioned me about why I don’t try to sell my sound creations. I have thought about it. I just feel like more people would get more use out of them if I simply gave them away. The whole reason I do this little hobby is because I love to do it. I have created tons of soundscapes and effects for haunts and I have made some for my own yard haunt. I want people to use these. I want people to enjoy them. Just because they are free does not mean they are cheap or useless. They are free just because I like to help support those of you who are like me. Halloween fans. So here they are. I hope you find something you like. If not, at least you didn’t have to waste your money. Save your cash to buy that next kick-ass vampire decoration or fog machine. The sounds are on me.


6 Responses to “Comment”

  1. Anybody who blogs or does a website like this does it for the love. Mostly. I wish i could make money doing this sort of thing.

    BTW – when my post on you hit Facebook one of my friends asked me if I knew of any sounds like this, “Quiet, whispering… like “they” see you and then scuffle around trying to get a better look. “Can they see us?” “We’re over here” “Who are you?” Spirits in a grave yard. The more believable the better!”

    Got anything like that? lol

  2. Hi! I’m glad you like the idea! I’m not very good with creating my own sounds so I thought I’d ask around and see if someone out here in cyberspace could help. I’ve surfed around but only found sound clips that sound commercial and unrealistic. I don’t want a constant chirping of crickets, owls, howling wolves or background music. The more simple, the better. The best way to frighten someone is to play on their own imagination, right? And it’s got to be believable!

    Last year, we took some night shots of my yard haunt and I noticed oddities in one of the shots. It’s very clear that we were not alone out there! The most disturbing is “someone” standing behind my car! Real spirits were in my grave yard!! I counted four!

    (BTW.. I live just a couple of blocks from the city cemetery!)

    Word has spread and people are curious. I plan to post a story board about this near the cemetery gate early in October for people to read, hoping to create anticipation (if not anxiety) for those who plan to visit my yard this Halloween. The thought that there might actually be REAL ghosts here could bring about a scare like nothing I could conjure up myself. Now, to find some sounds and make those ghosts “Talk”. >;->



  3. Just found your site. Thanks for the free soundscapes.

    • Thanks. I just checked out Very nice Props! Oh how I wish I could go full scale and make some great props like you have for your place. I could make them but I have no room to store them. As it is now, when I buy a new novel, I have to toss out an old one to have a place to keep it. I hope to build a nice big garage someday to have a place to store stuff and work in. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. The only problem that I have with you giving these away for free is… now I have to think of scenarios where I can use them in! Had I had to pay through the nose for them, I probably never would have heard them.

    Thank you for your incredible talent and giving back to the community!

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