Treat #22 – Gravetalk

If you have been listening to all of my sounds so far, you might have noticed there is a something of a variety in this collection. This sound is for my own yard haunt this year. I will have a couple of speakers hidden behind some of my tombstones near the entrance. For my haunt, I plan to space the comments out to about 3 per minute. With almost 40 different sayings, that will mean that someone can be in the graveyard for over 10 minutes and not hear the same thing twice. I will have some quiet sound effects mixed in for my graveyard but this is just the voice part for those of you who might find them useful. This is also just one big file with brief quiet time between sayings. I know that not everyone has the ability to mix and edit sound files. Some of the programs can cost a bundle but there is a pretty good free program you can use to do this called Audacity. You can download Audacity from this website:

If anyone would like for me to cut these  into single files, I could do that as well. Even if you don’t use these files, maybe the sayings will spark an idea for your own haunted graveyard. Enjoy.



5 Responses to “Treat #22 – Gravetalk”

  1. I got some Nice ideas from this clip! I may use bits of it here and there… “Get Off My Grave” is a good one and “Leave the candy… we like candy” made me giggle! Nice one for after the scares as they are leaving the cemetery ;-D You’re awesome!!

  2. Still looking for that whisper sound. Dead Kids is kind of close (very creepy!) but still too much background noise. I need just the spooky whispers… clean and uncluttered. I’ve tried recording stuff myself but my crappy set up won’t give me a clean enough recording. I hear that hiss when I turn up the volume. I’ll keep looking 🙂

    • Adobe Soundbooth can sometimes be very good at getting rid of that hiss. I have that issue myself at times and use it to clean up some of my audio.
      If you like, send me a copy of your sounds in the best quality mp3 or wav file you have and I would be happy to run it through Soundbooth. It doesn’t always work but I would be willing to try my best. If you have a lot of files, send one for us to try and then we can go from there. Use morbius at for my email and be sure to write something in the header so that I know it isn’t spam.

    • Oh. The kids I used for dead kids are much older now. One reason I use so much background noise then was to cover all of the hissing sound! I didn’t have a lot of programs back then.

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