20 and 19: Graveyard Noise

In my front yard graveyard, I tried having random noises last year. Sounds of people digging graves, people walking, leaves and bushes moving. I had the sounds spaced out and very subtle like you would have in a real graveyard. Trouble was, most people missed them. This year, they will be louder and almost constant.

Subtle works pretty good in a haunt but most Trick or Treaters don’t stand there for 30 seconds just listening for sounds. They are on a mission to grab all of the treats the night can offer. This season, I want to make sure they hear my hidden monsters walking around the graves. There are two versions here. One with just sounds and another with added random yelling to help draw their attention. My plan for MY yard this year will be to combine these sounds with my #20 Gravetalk file. I look forward to seeing how many people notice.

Graveyard Noise

Graveyard Noise with Voices


6 Responses to “20 and 19: Graveyard Noise”

  1. I want to do something like this in my yard haunt this year. I plan to use some kind of ambient sound effect. This will be running for a week or so during the evening.

    As opposed to having it run continuously, the sound will be triggered by an IR break beam connected to a prop-1 / vmusic2 unit.

    • Never made it that fancy. I love having the sounds going. I have some playing in my yard already and have not started setting things up yet. I would love to have some animated props some year with triggers but have not had the time to try them.

  2. Still looking for just the right whispering sound effect. People DO hesitate and listen for “sounds of potential scares” in my haunt. lol I like to create a creepy atmosphere to play on their imaginations, and it works pretty well. Funny how it’s the parents that wait by the gate and send their children in alone to face the “monsters”! haha

    • I might be able to help still. I knew my voices were a bit strong for some. I prefer the subtle but was not happy with the results last year. Only a couple of people even noticed and only one kid was spooked by it.
      LOL, I also noticed that the parents love to stand by the road, laugh, and tell the kids not to worry while Jr. is forced inside into the eerie, fog filled yard of doom.

  3. LMAO!! I’m always very careful with the scare intensity when there are little ones here. One very bad daddy had his 2 year old daughter in my cemetery. I didn’t have time to hide so I stood motionless like a statue. Daddy noticed me and kept coaxing the tiny tot closer to me. Finally, I could contain myself no more and burst out laughing. That kid ran and jumped clear up into her daddy’s arms. Poor baby! I gave her extra candy and scolded the daddy! lol

    You can tell who wants to be scared, and frightening the little ones is just plain terrorism, in my book! We’re here to create happy memories, after all. I must admit, though… making that grown man wet himself made all my hard work well worth the effort!! >;->

    • I am a FIRM believer in not going after the little ones. My graveyard has a safe path to the house that is always well lit. My graveyard has kreepy stuff and sounds but it often has a mixture of spooky with fun. Part of my theme this year will be Charlie Brown. 95 percent of my ToTs are kids. I work the haunts for those who wish to get a scare. On the nights of Trick or Treat (We have 2 nights where I live!) those nights belong to the children… and me. I tell all my friends, don’t bother coming by to chat or talk. Stay the hell away. Those are my nights to make fun memories for the kids. I LOVE being “That Halloween House” in my area.
      I still like to make the Graveyard scary with the sounds but the children know the safe zone and they all know now that it is just for fun. No one will ever jump out at them. I would still love to have some pop up ghosts and zombies some day. I love the animated stuff.

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