Bonus Item

Many of you might have this little gem from the past but I wanted to put it on the blog for those few who might not have seen it before. This is side one of the classic horror LP “Sounds to Make You Shiver.” This it THE LP that I used to play all of the time in my basement haunts back in the mid 70s. Every summer vacation, I would turn my basement into a crappy little haunt. My brother, my cousin, and I would spook it up with left over Halloween masks and decorations, blankets for walls, and anything else we could think of, and THIS LP would be our background noise.
Ah sweet memories. We would spend days setting it up, it would take 1 afternoon for our friends to go through it, and then the haunt would be our club house for part of the summer.
Old School Halloween cheese at its best.

Sounds To Make You Shiver


One Response to “Bonus Item”

  1. I remember this! I’m always looking for albums like this but I never can find the things. Thanks.

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