The End

We come to the end of my original 30 sounds. One thing I think I have learned is that, while people like free stuff, they don’t want to bother coming back every day for 30 days to get them. It was a fun idea and I had a blast doing it. So here are the last of the sounds. If I have future sound files to give out, I will make life simple for one and all and simply post them.
For those who joined the rss feed on, I plan to upload a few of the old LPs that I have collected over my 40 plus years of being a Halloween fanatic. These will NOT be on listed on my blog or gravecast, these will simply be bonus treats for the rss feed.
Thank you everyone for your feedback. I hope you have a fun season and I want to be one of the first to say Happy Halloween.
p.s. I still have a couple of sound ideas and am trying to find someone with a good voice for the whisper effects that were asked for a while back so pop in once in a while and please let other people know where they can get some free audio goodies. Thanks! – Morbius

Treat #01 – The Asylum

A prison, a mad house, a hostel, an Asylum. Enjoy the screams of the tormented as they face their final days in torturous nightmares.
Treat 01: The Asylum

Treat #02 – Ghosts

I am sorry but you simply CANNOT have a Halloween collection without some ghosts. You have to cover the basics. Most of the time you hear high pitched people yelling “Wooo” so I tried to make mine just a hair darker.
Treat 02: Ghosts

Treat #03 – Funeral

I noticed that with all of the Halloween related sound effects out there, not many do scenes of a funeral. Seemed like a natural to me.
Treat 03: Funeral

Treat #04 – Monster Baby

Watching the behind the scenes for the movie GHOST, I heard that the really cool sounds used for the creatures from the darkness were actually sounds of a baby crying. I had to try it myself. I would love to take this sound deep into the woods and let some unsuspecting campers think that bigfoot was close to their camp.
Treat 04: Monster Baby

Treat #05 – Below

The dim flashlight cuts into the darkness that surrounds you. The cave seemed like a fun idea this afternoon but now it is getting late and you think you might have made a wrong turn. The exit has to be here close by but every turn seems to take farther down below.
Treat 05: Below


4 Responses to “The End”

  1. I haven’t even finished listening to all of them yet, and I’m both sad and happy – they are done, (sad) but that you shared them in the first place (very happy). Thank you!

  2. Pretty sure I snagged them all. I just haven’t listened to them yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get used. Thanks for the freebies.

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