Just Because

Ever have one of those days? One of those weeks? Holy crap on a popsicle stick, this has been one of those weeks! It seems as if the forces of nature and man have conspired against me just as my season is starting.

This isn’t the first time. Life comes in cycles and in the past, a good dose of music can help make a day tolerable enough so that you don’t go totally off the deep end.
For almost 5 years, I created mixes of music with a Halloweenish theme and place them on Gravecast.com. I quit doing that a while back but once in a while, I need a good dose of Halloween energy to make the day a little less bright. I need a little darkness to make everything better. Here is a mix I did a few weeks ago that I had set aside for just such a day as today. I had no idea I would need it this soon. The file is pretty large and I don’t have a list of artists or songs. It is just 2 hours of music I am using to save my sanity… just because.

Gravecast – Just Because


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