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Posted in Countdown Treats on September 21, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

Holy crap. I don’t know why but the sound quality of my #3 file was BAD. I didn’t notice it until tonight so I remixed it and have placed a new, louder and cleaner version. Sorry folks. If you find other problems, PLEASE tell me.
Treat 03: New version: Funeral


The End

Posted in Countdown Treats, Halloween on September 12, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

We come to the end of my original 30 sounds. One thing I think I have learned is that, while people like free stuff, they don’t want to bother coming back every day for 30 days to get them. It was a fun idea and I had a blast doing it. So here are the last of the sounds. If I have future sound files to give out, I will make life simple for one and all and simply post them.
For those who joined the rss feed on, I plan to upload a few of the old LPs that I have collected over my 40 plus years of being a Halloween fanatic. These will NOT be on listed on my blog or gravecast, these will simply be bonus treats for the rss feed.
Thank you everyone for your feedback. I hope you have a fun season and I want to be one of the first to say Happy Halloween.
p.s. I still have a couple of sound ideas and am trying to find someone with a good voice for the whisper effects that were asked for a while back so pop in once in a while and please let other people know where they can get some free audio goodies. Thanks! – Morbius

Treat #01 – The Asylum

A prison, a mad house, a hostel, an Asylum. Enjoy the screams of the tormented as they face their final days in torturous nightmares.
Treat 01: The Asylum

Treat #02 – Ghosts

I am sorry but you simply CANNOT have a Halloween collection without some ghosts. You have to cover the basics. Most of the time you hear high pitched people yelling “Wooo” so I tried to make mine just a hair darker.
Treat 02: Ghosts

Treat #03 – Funeral

I noticed that with all of the Halloween related sound effects out there, not many do scenes of a funeral. Seemed like a natural to me.
Treat 03: Funeral

Treat #04 – Monster Baby

Watching the behind the scenes for the movie GHOST, I heard that the really cool sounds used for the creatures from the darkness were actually sounds of a baby crying. I had to try it myself. I would love to take this sound deep into the woods and let some unsuspecting campers think that bigfoot was close to their camp.
Treat 04: Monster Baby

Treat #05 – Below

The dim flashlight cuts into the darkness that surrounds you. The cave seemed like a fun idea this afternoon but now it is getting late and you think you might have made a wrong turn. The exit has to be here close by but every turn seems to take farther down below.
Treat 05: Below

Hells Gates

Posted in Countdown Treats on September 10, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

Here are a couple of happy little sounds filled with the screams of lost souls forever tormented to an existence of pain.

No, this isn’t a recording from (insert boy band of choice), it is my audio version of Hell. Both are the same except Hells Gates uses more flame… for those of you who like your victimes well done.

 Just the sound you need for those Satanic scenes or Hell Mouths out there.

Treat 06: Hells Gates
Treat 07: Purgatory

Treat 10 – UFO

Posted in Countdown Treats on September 8, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

Ever since the X-Files started, I have had an idea for an Alien theme for Halloween. I would love to have a crashed UFO theme some year but I don’t have the room or money to build the main prop. Maybe some day. Until then, I am always making sounds that I think would work well with alien themes.
This sound was created using only the ringing of bells. Maybe you can think of some other creative uses for it.
# 10: UFO

Treat 11: Zombie Clowns

Posted in Countdown Treats, Halloween on September 7, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

Again, this is something I made for a local haunt. They had a cool maze made up of doors. All of the walls were nothing but doors. Some didn’t open, some opened into walls, some opened but didn’t help you find a way out. Very cool maze. Haunting the maze were Zombie Clowns. I created a bunch of silly voices of what I thought Zombie Clowns might say, added lots of banging noise and loud music and it was played in the dark maze. These are the voice parts I used as well as a small sample of the sounds at the end of the file. Why settle for just clowns or zombies when you can have the best of both worlds?
Treat 11: Zombie Clowns

Treats 16 – 12: Rules.

Posted in Countdown Treats, Halloween on September 6, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

Rules. I have made audio rules for a couple of haunts. I have seen a couple of sites that charge you for this service and thought I would offer an alternative. I am NOT going to place these on the rss feed since I doubt most people would need them and I have 5 different versions for you to select from.
Treat 16 – Egor

Treat 15 – Evil Guy Voice

Treat 14 – Geeves the Butler

Treat 13 – Silly / Clown voice

Treat 12 – Robot Voice.

Each of these is one file with a pause in between each comment to give you room to edit them. You can use the program of your choice to cut them up into the files you need. If you don’t have the software, Audacity is a free program that will do just fine. Again, if you need help, just ask.
Each voice covers the same basic themes.
1. No Smoking or open flames.
2. Actors will not touch you on purpose, please show them the same respect.
3. Do not touch anything or anyone.
4. No alcohol, drugs or weapons allowed.
5. Enter at your own risk.
6. If you don’t follow the rules, you will be removed without a refund.
7. All sales are final.
8. No external lights of any kind.
9. Children under the age of 13 must have adult supervision.
10. This event may be too intense for young children.
11. We are not responsible for lost or damaged clothing or personal items.
12. Turn off all cell phones.
13. No photography allowed inside.
14. Warning, this haunt contains fog, strobe lights, and loud noise.
15. If you do not want to be frightened, don’t come in.
16. Threats or harm to our actors could result in criminal prosecution.
17. This event uses surveillance equipment.
18. Have fun but be safe.

A little story about my making “haunt rules” for the first time. When I made the audio rules for a local haunted house, I also added music and sound effects in between the rules. Like many haunts, this was to be played outside while people stood in line to enter the event. The first time I made a CD for them, they used a lot less rules and it worked out that you wouldn’t hear the same rule for 15 min. I had different sounds and music between the rules so that they would not repeat for over an hour. This worked out fine but I made each rule and sound its own track on the cd. I told the owner that he needed to use the repeat function on the cd player and he said he understood. Good to go!

Jump ahead to the first night of event. I pull up to the haunt. I hear the first rule being blasted over and over and over with no sounds or music. I felt sorry for the ticket people sitting there and hearing that thing half the night. The people working the line didn’t know there was more to it and the people inside hit “repeat one track” instead of “repeat all” on their player and never came out to listen.

Lesson learned: From then on, I mixed all of my haunt tracks into one huge, single track. That way, repeat one or all will work. This cuts out one chance of something going wrong. I also made several copies of each cd needed for backups. People would walk away with the cds, people would scratch them, ect. This was just a couple of years ago and mp3 players and computers were not used as much then as they are now. Many haunts and home haunts still use cd players and there is nothing wrong with that. Still, always try to think about things like that and plan ahead for what can go wrong. It saves a lot of trouble when you are busy trying to haunt.

Bonus Item

Posted in Countdown Treats, Halloween on September 6, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

Many of you might have this little gem from the past but I wanted to put it on the blog for those few who might not have seen it before. This is side one of the classic horror LP “Sounds to Make You Shiver.” This it THE LP that I used to play all of the time in my basement haunts back in the mid 70s. Every summer vacation, I would turn my basement into a crappy little haunt. My brother, my cousin, and I would spook it up with left over Halloween masks and decorations, blankets for walls, and anything else we could think of, and THIS LP would be our background noise.
Ah sweet memories. We would spend days setting it up, it would take 1 afternoon for our friends to go through it, and then the haunt would be our club house for part of the summer.
Old School Halloween cheese at its best.

Sounds To Make You Shiver