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Time for a dose of Halloween

Posted in Halloween, Mindless Madness on February 17, 2011 by morbiusjkromwell

Winter has had us locked down within its icy grasp pretty hard this year. Today marks the thaw of the 2011 Ice Age in my area and with the thaw comes thoughts of Halloween. I don’t know why, it just does. I dug deep into the dusty corners of my mausoleum and found one of my old podcasts. This was from Halloween 2006. It’s a bunch of Halloween, horror, and other fun tunes and sound effects aimed to help you make it through another day while you wait for the season to return. Hope you find it as useful as I did.

Octover 2006 Gravecast #10 – Halloween Night MP3: 139 Mb


Just Because

Posted in Halloween, Mindless Madness on September 17, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

Ever have one of those days? One of those weeks? Holy crap on a popsicle stick, this has been one of those weeks! It seems as if the forces of nature and man have conspired against me just as my season is starting.

This isn’t the first time. Life comes in cycles and in the past, a good dose of music can help make a day tolerable enough so that you don’t go totally off the deep end.
For almost 5 years, I created mixes of music with a Halloweenish theme and place them on I quit doing that a while back but once in a while, I need a good dose of Halloween energy to make the day a little less bright. I need a little darkness to make everything better. Here is a mix I did a few weeks ago that I had set aside for just such a day as today. I had no idea I would need it this soon. The file is pretty large and I don’t have a list of artists or songs. It is just 2 hours of music I am using to save my sanity… just because.

Gravecast – Just Because


Posted in Mindless Madness with tags , on August 19, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

A couple of people have made a comment on my sanity. While I make no claims of having or not having any sanity, I do want to explain why I am doing the sound give-away.
A lot of people create sound effects. This day and age, the ability to make them has never been easier. I have been doing this stuff my whole life. I started collecting old sound effects LPs back in the late 1960’s. (Yes, I am old.) Through my life, I have used cassette tapes by the hundreds, I had an old reel to reel, and I have been collecting, mixing, and making sound files on my computer since I first got online back in 1984. I have TONS of sound effects and my favorite sounds of all time are Halloween related. A few people have questioned me about why I don’t try to sell my sound creations. I have thought about it. I just feel like more people would get more use out of them if I simply gave them away. The whole reason I do this little hobby is because I love to do it. I have created tons of soundscapes and effects for haunts and I have made some for my own yard haunt. I want people to use these. I want people to enjoy them. Just because they are free does not mean they are cheap or useless. They are free just because I like to help support those of you who are like me. Halloween fans. So here they are. I hope you find something you like. If not, at least you didn’t have to waste your money. Save your cash to buy that next kick-ass vampire decoration or fog machine. The sounds are on me.

One door closes, another opens…

Posted in Mindless Madness with tags on April 12, 2010 by morbiusjkromwell

If, for reasons I cannot fathom, you have subscribed to this rss feed then you might have noticed I am not the most prolific writer in the history of blogdom. While I find twitter a life changing form of communication, I find that my mind seems to be ok with the idea of leaking tiny bits of lunacy verses writing them in articles with more than 140 characters.
There are factors involved here that have factored into my lack of posting. Oh sure, laziness might be in there somewhere but there are other things as well. Honest! You gotta believe me!
1. I started podcasting the week I heard that it existed. I had been doing sound effects for haunts for several years so I knew I had enough equipment to do it. It was such a thrill thinking being a cyber D.J. My goal was to seek and find fun Halloween and horror themed tunes from every source and mix a themed batch of tunes for people to listen to while working, driving, ect. I now have 4 years of podcasting under my belt but made the choice to end it last Christmas. Now, music is everywhere and the laws of using music are changing daily to the point that I no longer wish to take a risk. Gravecasts were a blast and for the most part, the people who followed were outstanding. I hope to start podcasting on my own again someday but I am not sure what the next generation of casts will be like. It is like haunting, once you get the bug, it never goes away.
2. Time. I’m an old geezer. (47) I work full time plus made the choice to return to school for some more edumacationing. Last semester was very time consuming. Plus, my priority is my wife, first and foremost. I make time for our relationship above all else. I figure, when I look back, I won’t be wishing I had more time to blog, wish I could listen to more Halloween music, or any of a hundred other time filling events. I had time to do a lot of things, I think most of my choices were pretty good ones.
3. Fatigue. Two years ago, I set up an event in September called the Bloody Good Horror Fest. It was set at a local college using 3 rooms and their auditorium. We played 3 sets of classic double features free and open to the public, had free popcorn for everyone, had an independent horror film along with the man who created it, had a live comedy troop perform on stage, had a blood drive, and had representatives from several haunted houses in full costume to meet and creep those who came. It was the largest thing I had ever put together.
No one came.
When I say no one, I mean that in the literal sense of the word. For the first set of movies, not one person came. It was my worst nightmare. It was the most humiliating day of my life (and if you knew me, that is saying a lot). We went on tv, we passed out fliers, we made t-shirts, we used the internet, we did everything I could afford. No one came. It has taken me quite a while to get back into the swing of Halloween since that moment. At least I got a cool logo out of it.Morbius J Kromwell
4. Last year was just a lousy year.
Like I said, once you get the bug, it finds a way to draw you back. Enter Slice of SciFi. ( Sliceofscifi is a podcast run out of Phoenix by a small group of individuals who enjoy science fiction and horror. I have been enjoying their audio casts for quite some time now. They have 2 new shows that are recorded on Thursday nights. One is called Sliceofscifi and the other is their voice mail show. Each cast is recorded while you can watch live via ustream. The standard show has news about movies, tv and other genres of upcoming projects and interesting interviews. The voice mail show is a free for all with questions and craziness. I thoroughly enjoy both programs. I started sending in little bits to the voice mail show. Most of them were my attempt to be humorous and seemed to go over quite well. I had a string of entries that the owner liked and, much to my surprise, he has added one of my bits to their regular show. I get to do a brief scifi news update on the show with made up news. It has been a blast to do and I plan to enjoy the ride while it lasts. The other thing I have chosen to do is join in the Halloween blog countdown craze this year only, with a twist.
Tons of blogs post stuff everyday (or close to everyday) all October long. That is cool and all, but some of the stuff pops up WAYYYY after I could have used it. Especially music and sound effects. It might be Halloween day and someone might post something cool that I say to myself, “Great! Wish I had that last week!” My goal is to post 30 Halloween themed sound effects that I have mixed in 30 days from September 1 to September 30. That way, people will have it in time to use it and it will be there the whole month of October. I have about a 3rd of the effects done. I REALLY hope I can get this done! I have posted it now so maybe that will be the motivation to finish this project.
I take one day every 2 weeks to produce my scifi stuff; I hope to fill that day by also working on sounds. We will see. I have a few other things to post but hey, might as well save something for next time. I hope you stick around.

Something has changed…

Posted in Halloween, Mindless Madness on November 9, 2009 by morbiusjkromwell

Things have changed.
The sun stays hidden behind the clouds as the cold winds steal the warmth from body and soul. We huddle in front of the comforting glow of our televisions and computer screens. The thought of Winter nights loom just around the corner.
Soon we will see Christmas light all around and everyone will be filled with thoughts of the holiday season. Joy to the world. Happy new year.
The echoes from the season of screams have faded into memories and we close our eyes at night in the comfort of our warm, quiet homes. We no longer fear the dark corners. We no longer strain to hear the whispers of the night. All thoughts of ghosts and ghouls drift away and we get caught up in our busy schedules. Always so busy. How soon we forget.
Once October is gone, very few think to take a closer look into the shadows. Maybe deep down we don’t want to remember. Perhaps we don’t want to know because, if we look, we just might find something waiting there on those cold nights, waiting just beyond our vision, just out of reach…watching our every move. The shadows may not be as empty as we imagine. The face of Halloween is hidden. Halloween’s true self lies behind a mask of innocence. It might be staring at you from eyes of a child or watching you from the shadows of your room. It can be anywhere.
We feel secure knowing that everything is packed away in boxes. Everything is stashed into the basement or shoved into the attic. You know what they say, “Out of sight, out of mind”. You fool! Halloween is more than plastic pumpkins and bags of candy. Halloween can’t be boxed up and packed away. Halloween has changed. Halloween has taken on a life all its own.
Ignore the calendar. Halloween is right there on the edge of the dark, waiting to return. Don’t drop your guard! I warn you now to keep a watchful eye on those corners. Keep your ears open to the silent whispers. Halloween is looking for the right moment. I can feel it. I can hear it.
Think about it! The perfect time for the fear to return is when you least expect it!
The time will soon come when something will step out of one of those unwatched corners. The time will come when Halloween will no longer remain confined to the month of October. When the time comes and you are caught unaware… you will live just long enough to learn that it is too late.
Sure, it might sound crazy now, but you have been warned! Don’t just read this and then go on with your “normal life”. Take heed. Pay attention when those little hairs rise on the back of your neck. It might your only chance. I know what I am talking about. Trust me, I know.
This might be the year. Maybe next year, or the one after that. No one knows. NO ONE knows. Turn on the lights. Listen to the silence. I know I am.
Something has changed, my friend, and I don’t want you to be caught unaware. The boundaries we thought could never be broken are gone. The comfort we feel is an illusion. Halloween NEVER ends… it waits… and the wait is almost over.

Welcome to the Shadows.

Posted in Mindless Madness with tags on September 8, 2009 by morbiusjkromwell

Hello my friends, my name is Morbius J Kromwell and I am the caretaker of this dark little corner of the internet. I invite you to join me as I share my random bits of mindless madness on all things Halloween.